At 5 a.m., most 17 years olds would be sound asleep, scrolling through Instagram, or finishing the last of their homework they put off. But not Lucie Amrhein. She is up making social media posts and answering emails for her non-profit that she started seven years ago called “Hugs from Lucie.”

Lucie’s volunteer work began at age 10 when her mom told her and her siblings that they needed to do something to help others. Lucie went to Build-a-Bear and donated her bear to a sick child at the Ronald McDonald House. She saw the child’s smile, and she was hooked. This lead to Lucie forming a non-profit organization to continue to help. This year, Lucie’s non-profit will give away nearly 1,000 bears, and other comfort items and necessities to children at hospitals. She is now expanding to serve the homeless children staying at Sarah’s Hope.

Lucie was introduced to St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore when she volunteered last summer as a camp counselor at Camp St. Vincent. Camp was “life changing,” she said. It gave her an opportunity to make an impact on children who were not sick, but in a different unfortunate circumstance – homelessness. Lucie got very close with one child in particular, Daniel, who was staying at Sarah’s Hope. It inspired her to bring “Hugs from Lucie” to the children of Sarah’s Hope, and she plans to volunteer there monthly leading fun activities and donating needed items.

When Lucie arrived at Sarah’s Hope for the first time to volunteer, she was both happy and sad not to find Daniel there. “I found out he had been housed,” she said with tears in her eyes. “I am so thrilled for him. It is a good thing if I don’t see a sick or homeless child again.”

“I love doing this work and seeing the impact it has. I will continue to try to inspire others to get involved and make a difference.”

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