On any given day, in the heart of bustling Fells Point, Beans & Bread can serve over 300 meals to our community’s most vulnerable neighbors.  Few people can understand what it takes to run a kitchen to provide such an efficient, dignified meal service with a kind heart and hand…but our Wednesday volunteer crew at Beans & Bread does.   

I joined our volunteer crew on Crystal’s first day of service.  Our Wednesday shift made up of a group of friends and parishoners from St. Pauls of Ellicott City took her under their wing without skipping a beat. While guests dined on charitable lunch contributions from a cub scout troop, retired Pepco volunteer Joel Dupree joyously bussed tables to make room for the next shift.  Made of a core group of ten rotating members, this crew does much more than just serve once a week. They build friendships and rapport with people they wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to get to know. Making the most of their retirement, Annie and Anne joked in the kitchen with each other in the kitchen about the most popular fruits and snacks. They both plan their travel schedules around their commitment to the kitchen crew.  

This team not only volunteers once a week at Beans and Bread but they donate Easter Baskets, throw both Christmas and Birthday parties, Crystal spends an additional day helping out at Sarah’s Hope – Mount Street.

Reflecting back on his first year of service, Joel said it’s all worth it because the gratitude they are shown.

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