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if you think people who are hungry are only those who are without jobs, think again.

Beyond hunger.


At St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore, most of the clients we serve experience hunger on a frequent if not daily basis. A big part of the solution to hunger is increasing food access. Helping eligible, low income individuals and families access mainstream benefits such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly called Food Stamps) is essential. SNAP benefits have a big effect on the food security of recipients, making it easier for them to get the food they need. The SNAP program reduces the number of households with children in the U.S. living in extreme poverty by about half, and is truly a lifeline for many families.  For this reason, we help our clients who are eligible for SNAP assistance to apply for and receive this important benefit.

However, even for those with access to SNAP, the benefits provided are not enough, and low income individuals and families often need additional help in accessing food resources and obtaining supplemental food assistance. For this reason, we offer services at St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore to meet our clients’ needs for supplemental food and meals, and last year served more than 2 million meals.

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Here are some of the many ways we address the issue of hunger for our low income clients:

Beans & Bread
A homeless day resource center that provides more than 300 meals each day including a morning hospitality and lunch.  Since its opening in 1977, Beans & Bread has been serving meals “restaurant style” where guests are seated and served by volunteers.  Meals provide an opportunity to engage guests, or clients, in additional services including: case management, housing placement and referrals, employment and healthcare services, and more.

Sarah’s Hope shelters
Our family shelters provide residents daily breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as healthy after-school snacks.  More than 4,500 meals are served each week.

Head Start 
For many children, school provides access to meals.  Our Head Start students receive breakfast, lunch and a healthy snack provided by our KidzTable social enterprise.  More than 1,400 meals are served each day throughout our seven Head Start sites.

Camp St. Vincent
When out of school, many children do not have access to a meal.  Campers are provided a lunch and healthy snacks to fuel their fun.  More than 300 meals and snacks are served each day of Camp.

A social enterprise, KidzTable freshly prepares and delivers more than 6,000 nutritious meals each day to area shelters, Head Start and Early Head Start programs, schools, pre-schools, daycare centers, after-school programs and summer camps throughout the Greater Baltimore Region.

Parish Conferences 
Through food pantries run by many of our 38 parish-based conferences, more than $500,000 in groceries are distributed each year throughout the Greater Baltimore Region.


Our programs alleviating hunger include:

Beans & Bread

300 meals are provided each day including morning hospitality and lunch to low income and homeless individuals.

Sarah's Hope shelters

600 meals and after-school snacks are served each day to the homeless families who reside at our two family shelters.

Head Start

1,400 meals are served each day to preschool students.

Camp St. Vincent

300 meals and healthy snacks are served each day to homeless children during the summer months.

Kidz Table

6,000 fresh, nutritious meals are provided each day to children and youth at area schools, pre-schools, day care centers, after school programs, and summer camps.

Parish Conferences

Over $600,000 in groceries is provided to those in need of food assistance through our network of 38 parish-based volunteer groups.

Meet Kevin


Kevin was married and working full-time when an injury made him unable to work and he lost his job, became homeless and lived on the streets for nearly five years.

"Severe hunger really hurts. Being hungry all the time is lonely and degrading. It's something no one should have to endure."  - Kevin