Head Start students at Pimlico Arts Center Baltimore, MD

We firmly believe in the power of early childhood education to change lives

Children from low-income families who attend full-time, high-quality early childhood education programs have an edge over their peers who don’t share that same access. That early education is associated with higher cognitive test scores, higher rates of high school and college graduation, higher employment rates, higher earnings, and lower arrest rates.  

Through 42 Head Start classrooms at seven sites across Baltimore City, we provide preschool education with certified teachers and coordinated services for families.

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SVDP Baltimore Head Start Sites

SVDP Baltimore Head Start Sites

Pimlico: 5001 Park Heights Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21215 -- 410-542-4242
Licensing Number: 118656

Arlington: (under renovation for school year 2018-2019) 3705 W. Rogers Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21215  --   410-542-1404
Licensing Number: 30-35688 

Arts Center: 4330 Pimlico Road, Baltimore, MD 21215   --   410-466-1383
Licensing Number: 151618

Patterson Park: 242 S. Patterson Park Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21231 -- 410-276-5724
Licensing Number: 151251

Fatima: 6400 E. Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD 21224  --   410-558-0919
Licensing Number: 157043

Caroline 1: 1427 N. Caroline Street, Baltimore, MD 21213  --  410-727-4160
Licensing Number: 161422

Caroline 2: 1415 N. Caroline Street, Baltimore, MD 21213  --   410-727-4160
Licensing Number: 161477