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150 years ago, St. Vincent DePaul of Baltimore was a pioneer in offering many of the first works of charity in the region and today we continue to be a leading service provider to those suffering from the effects of poverty.

We affirm the dignity of each individual serving them with respect compassion and the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to succeed. But as much as we have done for our community and as many people as we've helped, we do not plan to rest on our accomplishments. Our community and the people we serve are counting on us. We will continue to lead the way exploring innovative ways to ensure children can access fresh and healthy foods, individuals and families can achieve and sustain permanent housing, adults are prepared for a career that provides a living wage, and children are prepared for a lifetime of learning, breaking the cycle of inter-generational poverty.

Lives that some may feel lost causes are the very root of our cause. We offer them the opportunity to acquire the strength, confidence, motivation, and skills to achieve their full potential. We offer them the opportunity to believe in themselves again, or perhaps the first time ever.

Head Start Celebrates


Our Head Start preschool programs celebrated the end of the 2018-2019 school year with moving up ceremonies and celebrations.  Hundreds of children and their families came together at our Head Start sites throughout Baltimore City ...

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10 reasons to enroll yourchild in Head Start

10 Reasons to Enroll Your Child in Head Start Preschool


Head Start is a pre-kindergarten program first launched by the United States government in 1965. The program was designed to aid working-class children in specific areas of their development, including education, nutrition and health services ...

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Marcus Scott, Caseworker at Beans & Bread

Marcus Scott, Caseworker at Beans & Bread

Filling his grandmother’s shoes; how a homeless services caseworker was inspired to help others


Marcus Scott is a caseworker at Beans & Bread, our day shelter in Fells Point. A Baltimore native, Marcus grew up in the Walbrook neighborhood where his family has resided for generations. He describes a childhood ...

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Homeless - and then Finding a Home Again


Meet Sheila, a former client who worked with a case worker at our Beans & Bread center and built a new life.

She says she never knew privileges, growing up in Baltimore’s Belvedere neighborhood. Her ...

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