It Started with a Simple Question

Laura Starsoneck understands how trauma can impact a person for life. Eight years ago, tragically, as tornados tore across Alabama, Laura watched her fiancé sacrifice his life for her own. That terrible experience forever changed Laura, and led her on a clear path to live a life in service to others.

Laura is an upbeat, approachable and deeply committed Director of St. Vincent
de Paul of Baltimore’s Front Door Program and housing services. Laura embodies the tenets of being genuine and present. She challenges her staff to be supportive by asking good questions, suspending judgment, and creating positive impact at every juncture.

Although she is a Program Director, on any given day you’ll find Laura Starsoneck fulfilling many roles, including data entry, client intakes, or even sweeping the floor as she lives the philosophy of doing “whatever it takes” for Front Door, the rapid rehousing program she directs that serves people experiencing homelessness.

With the grit that comes from a deeply personal trauma, Laura brings a wealth of
experience and empathy to the individuals and families served by our rapid rehousing program, where she has worked for over seven years.

Heaping praise upon the organization, Laura makes a point of saying “I have the utmost humility and gratitude to St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore for trusting in me and giving me opportunities to grow and be challenged.”

“I see this work as a calling” Laura confided. “I’ve lost loved ones, and have had
deep personal struggles, but had the resources to rebuild. The families we work
with through the Front Door Program often have experienced a lot of trauma and
broken relationships, but unfortunately have little resources, to fall back upon. If
we can be a positive relationship for them, that’s huge!”

The work is both fulfilling and demanding. When out of the office, Laura recharges by running, attending church, and spending quality time with her 20-month-old daughter.

I’m determined to make sure no one sleeps outside.