I can actually think about a real future now. I never thought this would be possible. I am just so grateful.

neisha’s STORY

Grateful for knowledge.

Neisha had everything under control. She had a steady job, a nice home, and a car. She had two young children she was proud to be raising.

Niesha was strong. But her relationship had turned violent. When it became too much, heartbroken and broke, Neisha took refuge with a relative. But whatever money she could scrape together went missing. Niesha suspected drugs were the cause, and was forced to moved on.

After sending her kids to a relative, Neisha started living in her van. Spending her 40th birthday alone, she thought she had never sunk lower.

That’s when she found our Sarah’s Hope Family Shelter and our Front Door Rapid Rehousing Program. At Sarah’s Hope, she was able to keep her family together, and was able to find a new job. Niesha’s Front Door Case Manager helped her find daycare and aftercare so she could get additional income escorting elders to appointments. With a little more help from Front Door, Neisha cleared up her debts and moved into a fully furnished apartment.

Motivated to do more for herself and others, Neisha was connected to our Career Connections Program and enrolled in medical career training at Baltimore City Community College.  Upon completion of her training, Neisha got a second job at Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center earning $14.79 an hour.

Neisha has been steadily housed and employed for over a year. She loves working at Levindale, where she reports that the environment and the people are inspiring. Even though her journey has been a tough one, she is grateful for the knowledge she gained along the way.