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unemployment can tear apart families and lead to deep poverty and homelessness.


Beyond unemployment.

Unemployment/Underemployment—A Leading Cause of Poverty

A job provides income to for food, housing, bills…to live.A job also provides an opportunity for socialization and friendships and can be a source of pride and self-worth. So, when someone who wants and needs work cannot find employment for a long period, it not only can impoverish them in a material sense, it can also lead to depression and loss of hope.


For many in our community, unemployment is a long-term condition that can be devastating for them, tear apart their families, and lead to deep poverty and homelessness. They are often in that position because they have barriers to employment that include a lack of readiness or work skills, low educational attainment, prior substance abuse, incarceration, a history of health problems, or mental and physical disabilities.

There are also many in our community that experience long-term underemployment—where the jobs obtained have wages or regular hours that are much too low to support themselves or their family.

Employment—the Best Way to Move Beyond Poverty

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Employment is essential in order to achieve self-sufficiency. Living wage employment strengthens families, provides stability, allows permanent housing to be obtained and sustained, and increases a child’s educational achievement.

At St. Vincent de Paul, we serve many low-income individuals with significant barriers to employment. In order to help them find living wage employment, we offer assessment, career counseling, tutoring, job readiness courses, skill training, referrals, and assistance in locating and applying for jobs.

Our goal is to provide employment services that help both the unemployed and underemployed secure long-term employment that provides, or has the potential to provide, a living wage. Our services help guide adults to be valuable employees, overcome barriers, develop skills, and establish a career path with growth potential.

Our employment services

Career Connections—Employment readiness and counseling serves based on the Navigator Model, targeting individuals experiencing homelessness.

Next Course—a 12 week occupational skills training program that prepares students for a career in the growing food service and hospitality industries.


Our programs alleviating unemployment include:

Career Connections

Drop-in employment resource program located at our St. Vincent de Paul flagship Career Center in Park Heights, and the Beans & Bread Center. 

Next Course

Our 15 week skills training program in the food service industry.

Meet James


At Next Course James learned food safety, storage, costing, and preparation, as well as good customer service and employee management. James has held several jobs in the food service industry since graduating from the program.

 “Next Course changed my life. It gave me the essential skills I needed to become highly employable in the food service industry and make a good, solid wage.” - James