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Sleep Out and Share the Light



The “Sleep Out Challenge” is an online campaign to raise funds and awareness to end homelessness in our community. Participants are asked to “Sleep Out and Share the Light” to show solidarity and support for those experiencing homelessness, post a photo on social media (@svdpbaltimore, #sleepoutchallenge), donate $25, and tag four people to also do the Sleep Out Challenge (or simply make a donation). Our goal is to have 4,000 people participate in this campaign, reflecting the approximate number of individuals who experience homelessness in the Baltimore region each night.


Each gift made to this campaign will be matched dollar for dollar by our generous sponsors, meaning your gift of $25 turns into $50 for the cause! Giving more results in an even greater matching gift.


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Text to Give: text “LIGHT” to 243-725

Sleep Out Challenge Ideas

Sleeping out can take a lot of different forms. We also encourage you to be creative with some type of light display to help reinforce our theme of “sharing the light.” Here a just a few ideas:

• Set up a tent with a flashlight in your backyard;
• Curl up in a sleeping bag with a battery powered lantern on a deck or porch;
• Build a fire and sit out with chairs;
• Open a window and “sleep out” in your living room with a single candle or other lighting.

For more inspiration on different ways that you can Sleep Out and Share the Light, visit our Pinterest board at:


The campaign begins on July 31, 2020 and culminates with a 30-minute, live streaming event on Saturday, September 19, 2020.

Please take the challenge! These funds are needed now more than ever due to the health and economic impact of the pandemic on those who are experiencing homelessness.


We encourage everyone to participate and help us spread the word about this Sleep Out Challenge campaign, while bearing in mind that the plight of those experiencing homelessness in our community is real, traumatic, and sometimes tragic. By “sleeping out and sharing the light,” participants are showing solidarity and support for this important cause. This campaign is not intended, in any way, to represent a simulation of the tremendous, everyday challenges faced by those experiencing homelessness, or to diminish the seriousness and gravity of this issue faced by members of our community.

Three Easy Ways to Participate:

1. Post a picture of yourself or your group, along with your sleeping arrangement and whatever light you are using (@svdpbaltimore).  Use the hashtag #SleepOutChallenge

2. Donate $25

3. Tag at least 4 more people and ask them to also do the “Sleep Out Challenge”.




Over 4,000 people in the Baltimore area are without a home on any given night. St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore is the largest provider of shelter and housing services to individuals and families experiencing homelessness in the Baltimore region, providing prevention, diversion, shelter and permanent housing solutions designed to end homelessness in our community. We provide a pathway out of homelessness by offering a wide range of critical resources and support and by placing individuals and families in stable housing.

Our programs employ best practices and have demonstrated success in not only re-housing people, but also keeping them housed – resulting in a better and stronger community.



We encourage you to have fun, be creative, and encourage others to participate. You may “Sleep Out and Share the Light” individually, with family, or a small group of close friends with safe social distancing practices.

  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Who can Participate?

    Anyone! It’s easy to do, and there is no special equipment required. You can be creative with whatever way “sleeping out” works best for you. We just ask that you use some type of lighting to show your solidarity with those experiencing homelessness, and help raise awareness for the cause.  Once you have set up your sleep out arrangements, we ask that you post an image to social media with the designated hashtag #SleepOutChallenge, and tag four friends/family members/colleagues with a call to take the sleep out challenge, or simply make a direct donation.

    What Hashtag Should be Used When Posting?  #SleepOutChallenge

    How did the Sleep Out Challenge campaign get started?

    The Sleep Out Challenge was born out of our plans for a new event called Equinox, a unique celebration to raise funds and awareness towards the goal of ending homelessness in Baltimore. The inaugural Equinox event was scheduled to take place on September 19, 2020 for 500 people at the Baltimore Museum of Industry. Unfortunately, due to the limitations caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic for large group gatherings, the event needed to be changed and Voila!, the online Sleep Out Challenge campaign was born!

    What is the Streaming Event on September 19, 2020?

    The Streaming Event will serve as culminating celebration to the Sleep Out and Share the Light campaign, and will stream online on September 19th at 8 PM. The streaming event will be approximately 30 minutes in length and include interviews with St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore clients, staff, and our generous sponsors.  The remote event will be live streamed on the SVDP website via a streaming host.

    How will the funds raised by used?

    Proceeds from the Sleep Out Challenge campaign will support the many shelter and housing programs of St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore, the largest provider of shelter and housing services to individuals and families experiencing homelessness in the Baltimore region. Visit our webpage to learn more about our programs and services.

  • Be an Ambassador for the Sleep Out Challenge

    What:  Do you want to up your social media game and help make a difference in the lives of Baltimore’s most vulnerable? Become a Sleep Out Challenge Ambassador. 

    How All you need to do to sign up is email Maggie Eckhold at Our Sleep Out Challenge Team will provide you with templates and language so you can post to all your wonderful followers and make a difference in Baltimore. 

  • Sleep Out Challenge/Equinox Committee


    Megan McGinnis – Chair 

    Beth Furlong 

    Cindy Minken 

    Dale Levitz 

    Dawn Lewis 

    Hannah Van Why 

    Katherine Weigman 

    Kelly Burchell 

    Laura Risk 

    Lindsay Bramble 

    Michael Jenson 

    Midge Menton 

    Nancy Foldaur 

    Pam Custer 

    Reed Eckhold 

    Rona Blumenthal 

    Sam Smith 

    Sue Barton 

    Tony DeGuiseppi 

    Treva Ghattas 



    Diane Schmitt – Chair 

    Heather Yeager 

    Hillary Malore 

    Jessica Pritchett 

    Jocelyn McCarthy 

    Kimberly Stokes 

    Kim Burton 

    Kitt Burton 

    Lauren Lake 

    Mandy Becquet 

    Rebecca Reich 



    Chima Dike – Co-Chair 

    Todd Reinecker – Co-Chair 

    Chris Beach 

    Jesse Mowen 

    Judi Miller 

    Pam Custer 


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