KidzTable is a social enterprise that is expanding access to healthy food for low income children and adults, while also providing job training to individuals with barriers to employment.

At KidzTable we believe that everyone should have access to healthy and nutritious foods so that they may lead healthy, happy, and productive lives. We specialize in providing nutritious and delicious meals at an affordable cost, partnering with community-based agencies that care for children, adults, families, and seniors in group settings that include: pre-schools, schools, after-school programs, summer camps, shelters, adult day care centers, behavioral health care centers, group homes, and senior centers.

Hunger is a symptom of poverty, and is a solvable condition. We envision a time when every child and adult in our region has access to healthy meals, allowing them to achieve their full potential.

If you want better meals for the people in your care, call us today.

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1901 62nd Street, Suite 3906
Baltimore, Maryland 21237
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On a Mission for Better Nutrition

KidzTable is a social enterprise of St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore—which means we are mission-driven rather than profit-driven.  What is unique about KidzTable is that we understand the needs of community-based agencies that want to provide the best possible care to their clients—including the meals they offer every day.  Our meals have a home-made taste because we don’t use processed foods. We focus on providing high quality, great tasting, and nutritious meals featuring:

  • fresh ingredients, including making extensive use of seasonal and local produce and whole grain foods;
  • no fried foods, artificial trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, or artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, or sweeteners;
  • plenty of variety so that those we serve experience a wide selection of foods and benefit from trying new foods;
  • family-style serving: our food is fresh and served the way it is at home—not in “TV Dinner” style packaging where the meals are often frozen, less flavorful, and bad for the environment due to the individual packaging.

Our KidzTable chefs are all professionally trained, ServSafe certified, and have years of experience in providing large scale meal services. We are deeply committed to offering quality food, great customer service, and timely delivery, with frequent opportunities for customer feedback.

Changing Lives through Meals

In addition, through our Next Course program, we provide job training to individuals with barriers to employment. Next Course is an intensive 12 week program that pairs classroom instruction and with real production kitchen experience at KidzTable. Next Course enables over 50 graduates per year to achieve successful careers in the food service industry, allowing them to provide a better future for themselves and their families.

VISTA Volunteer Opportunities

Are you interested in food access issues?  Would a year of community service fit into your life plans?  Join the St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore Healthy Food Access team and help to serve thousands of low-income children in the Baltimore region with healthy meals.  Our team prepares and delivers hundreds of thousands of nutritious meals a year to 25 after-school youth programs and more than 40 summer youth programs.

The VISTA volunteer helps to administer these meal programs.  Previous Healthy Food Access VISTA volunteers have found great jobs after their years of service. This is because they made useful connections on the job, learned new skills and were propelled in a new direction.

LEARN MORE about this exciting opportunity.