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Be a Part of our Efforts to Create Change

You can help people acquire the strength, confidence, motivation, and skills they need to achieve their potential and transform their lives. Think of the good you can do by getting involved in our efforts to create change for our clients struggling with poverty. There are so many ways, large and small, that volunteers can support our mission and have a valuable impact. Last year, 4,746 volunteers performed 75,253 hours of service in support of our services.

Find the Project That Speaks Most to You, and Do!

Project: Event Committee

Event help

We are looking for committe members to help us plan a fantastic event! If you have experience or enthusiasm for planning an event, let us know! We meet the first Wednesday of every month. Email hello@flashlightbaltimore.org

Project: Join the Lunch Brigade

Make Bagged Lunches

Beans & Bread distributes bagged breakfasts and lunches every week. This is a great activity for families, friends, and students. To sign up, click here.

Project: Camp

volunteer at camp

Help lead summer camp groups with Camp St. Vincent.  Volunteer counselors must be at least 15 years old AND have completed their freshman year of high school. Volunteers must commit to at least one two-week period of camp. For more information, see "Camp Counselors" under Step 2 here.

Get involved today.

When you volunteer, conduct a service project with your group, donate goods, or participate in an event, you often gain more than you give. Find out how you can get involved and make a difference to an individual, and our community.

You may be surprised how much you are changed by the experience!

Meet Efrain


On Monday mornings at 5:00 a.m., most of us are still catching up on sleep from the weekend, our alarm still hours away. Mondays are Efrain Rivera’s day off from work and as the Lead Cook at Blue Hill Tavern in Canton, he spends many late nights at work. But one Monday at 5:00 a.m., he’s wide awake, cooking scrambled eggs, bacon, and home fries for those who come to Beans & Bread for a meal. After Efrain finishes cooking, he packs up the food and brings it with him to Beans & Bread and spends the next several hours serving breakfast to our guests. Guests often share they look forward to Efrain’s extra special breakfasts.