Thank you for your interest in donating your vehicle to benefit the programs and services of St. Vincent de Paul. 

Within two business days of completing this form, you will receive a phone call from St. Vincent de Paul staff to coordinate the pickup of your vehicle and additional information needed to process your donation. For questions, call 410-662-0500 x201.

Donation Type
Date of Donation
Legal Car Owner First Name
Legal Car Owner Last Name
Car Owner Email
Car Owner Phone
Car Owner Street Address
Location of Vehicle (if different from owner's address)
How Did You Hear About Vehicle Donation Program?
Vehicle Identification Number
Vehicle Year
Do you have the keys to the car?
Does the car start?
Is the car drivable?
Does the car have tires?
Are the tires inflated?
Has there ever been a lean on the vehicle?
If it doesn't start, please explain why.
If the car isn't drivable, please explain why.
Has the car been sitting idle? (If yes, how long?)
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For more information about donating your vehicle, call us at 410-662-0500, ext. 201.

For more information about the change in tax law, click here to view the IRS Donor's Guide to Car Donations.