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All Families have been adopted. Thank you to all of our Angels!

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*All families have been adopted. Registration is now closed. *

More families than last year are expected to participate in Adopt-A-Family 2022

This holiday season, we are counting on generous donors to lend support to individuals and families living in St. Vincent de Paul shelters, supportive housing programs, and attending Head Start. Over 350 families who struggle to provide for their families need support over the holidays. That’s 150 more families than last year. We match donors with families in need, supplying wish lists for each member of the family that specify ages, sizes, and interests. Donors can select how many individuals they would like to adopt and their preferred drop-off location.

If you want to make a family’s holiday dreams come true, please register by November 15. Those who participate will receive wish lists starting November 7, and gifts should be delivered to one of eight locations by December 5. Traditionally, donors spend between $50 and $100 per family member. Many of our Angels have made Adopt-a-Family shopping a cherished holiday tradition of giving that the whole family participates in. Won’t you please be a blessing to a very special family over the holidays?

FAQ’s and how to get you and your community involved!

What is Adopt a Family?

  • St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore matches generous donors with families who live in one of our homeless shelters or supportive housing programs.
  • The purpose of Adopt a Family is to brighten the holidays for over 350 families who are financially struggling while giving the opportunity for donors to give in a meaningful and impactful way.

When and how will I receive information about the family I adopted?

  • Our families completed a wish list for each member of the family, including adults. The wish lists will include ages and sizes of the children as well as interests and ideas of gifts to purchase.
  • Wish lists and more information will be emailed to the matched donors beginning November 7.

What should I buy?

  • The wish lists will help make shopping easy and fun! You will have both general ideas and specific items to purchase. You may include gifts receipts with the donations. The wish lists are meant to be gift suggestions and a guide for shopping. You do not need to buy everything on the list and can purchase things that are not on the list, but you think your family would enjoy.
  • The suggested spending range is $50 and $100 per person and all items should be new. Also, do your best to spend evenly between the family members.
  • Please include wrapping paper, gift bags or tags with your gifts.
  • You can include a holiday card or greeting, but please do not include any identifying information.

Is there anything I should not buy?

  • Please refrain from purchasing toys or video games with violent content (including toy guns, swords, etc.).
  • Do NOT include cash, gift cards or checks for the family with your donation.

Do I wrap the gifts and how do I label the items?

  • Please DO NOT wrap the items. Our parents enjoy wrapping gifts for their children.
  • Put all gifts in a large bag or bags with family ID number clearly marked on each bag. Include a copy of your wish list with the family’s gifts.
  • It is helpful (but not required) to sort, bag and label the gifts by individual. For example – one bag labeled 6 y.o. girl, another bag labeled 8 y.o. girl, etc. Each individual bag should have the family ID number on it.

Where and when do I deliver my donation?

  • There are 8 donation drop-off sites. You choose your drop-off location when you register to be a donor.
    • Beans & Bread Center – 402 S. Bond Street, Baltimore 21231
    •  Hannah More Family Shelter – 12041 Reisterstown Road, Reisterstown 21236
    •  Interim Family Shelter – 112 E Sudbrook Ln, Pikesville 21208
    • Sarah’s Hope Family Shelter – 1114 N. Mount Street, Baltimore 21217
    • Head Start Arlington – 3705 W. Rogers Ave, Baltimore 21215
    • Head Start Fatima – 6400 E. Pratt St, Baltimore 21224
    •  Head Start Patterson – 242 S. Patterson Park, Baltimore 21231
    • Head Start Pimlico – 5001 Park Heights Ave, Baltimore 21215
    • Early Head Start – 4330 Pimlico Rd, Baltimore 21215
  • Donations drop off dates are between Monday, Nov. 28 and Monday Dec. 5. You will receive more specific information about gift drop off once you receive your wish list(s).

How do I register to Adopt a Family?

  • Registration is now closed.

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