prepare a holiday meal

From November 1 through December 30, individuals or groups are needed to prepare and donate dishes that can be heated and served for lunch and dinner at Sarah’s Hope and Hannah More family shelters located in West Baltimore and Reisterstown. To learn more please download our Holiday Opportunities PDF or email

Serve or Prepare a Meal

We invite you to prepare or serve meals at the Beans & Bread Day Resource Center, or our Sarah’s Hope, Hannah More, or Innterim House family shelters to help those experiencing hunger and homelessness. Your assistance is crucial as we work to ensure families & individuals in Baltimore City & County receive nutritious meals.

For more information or to schedule your opportunity:



There are several options for serving or preparing meals for our clients.

  1. Donate Breakfast or Lunch Bags
    This opportunity is ideal for corporate, church or school groups that would like to work together preparing bagged breakfast/lunches that can be dropped off at Beans & Bread. We request that bagged lunches have the following items:
    • Bagged Breakfasts (at least 3)
      • Milk or juice (individually sized)
      • Cereal, in individual servings
      • Fruit (fruit cup or soft fruit)
      • Energy/ granola bars
      • Pastries or bagels (with cream cheese or butter)
    • Lunch Bags
      • A meat and cheese sandwich (condiments on the side)
      • Chips/ pretzels (individual serving size)
      • An unrefrigerated beverage (juice box, water, Gatorade, etc)
      • Soft fruit (fruit cup or individual piece of fruit)
      • A cookie (or other small treat)

To schedule a bagged lunch drop-off, please email


2. Prepare a Casserole
Beans & Bread is always accepting casseroles so our clients can get a hearty meal. We ask that the prepared casserole be suitable for heating (or reheating) on-site. Here are a few of our favorite recipes:

To schedule a casserole drop-off, please email


3. Make a Meal for a Family Shelter
At our Sarah’s Hope, Hannah More, and Interim House family shelters, we have plenty of opportunities for groups and individuals to provide meals for our residents on the weekends. People can either prepare a meal before arriving and deliver it to the site, or they are welcome to use our kitchens to create wonderful homemade meals. Casseroles can also be prepared in our kitchens (see #2 above for some types of casseroles and recipe links).

To schedule making a meal for a family shelter, please email


4. Serve a Meal
Help on the front line by assisting a kitchen coordinator in heating/preparing meals to serve to shelter residents. To serve meals, volunteers only need to fill out this application: application


A background check is not required. Serving meals is a wonderful opportunity for groups to get involved.  For meal-serving opportunities, an application must be filled out by a group representative “Group Leader” who will need to be onsite. Members of this group will be asked to fill out these one-time volunteer forms: One-Time Volunteer Form


Please note volunteers must be 16+ to serve onsite or 13+ is they are accompanied by a guardian. For more information email