If you or someone needs shelter in Baltimore County, contact Baltimore County Department of Social Services Homeless Service Coordinated Entry at (410) 887-TIME.

If you or someone needs shelter in Baltimore City, contact Baltimore City Mayor’s Office of Homeless Services (MOHS) Coordinated Entry at (410) 433-5175.

For more information on shelter or homeless services call the 211 Maryland United Way Helpline by simply dialing 2-1-1. If you can’t reach them by calling 211, dial (410) 685-0525 or 1(800) 492-0618


“I had to leave a very bad situation. I had no place to go. But I couldn’t feel sorry for myself. I had to look out for my son,” -Marisa

Marisa was in a really tough situation. The young mother and her one-year-old son Elijah had no reliable family support. She was struggling with an abusive relationship and conflicts with her extended family with whom she and Elijah had found temporary refuge. Suddenly, Marisa and Elijah found themselves homeless with nowhere to go.

For someone who had never been on her own before, seeking help was not just uncomfortable, it was scary. Fortunately, Marisa was referred to our Sarah’s Hope Family Shelter.

“When I first walked in, I was nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. But the staff gave me courage. It felt good to know that someone actually cared about me and wanted me to succeed,” added Marisa.

Homelessness has many causes. Sometimes addiction or mental illness can lead someone to experience chronic homelessness. Other times, as in Marisa’s case, financial problems or family conflict can create a sudden loss of housing.

Your support is the light that illuminates the path out of poverty for families like Marisa’s. Please donate today.

St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore strives to be the light for others. We help people with immediate needs like food and shelter. We also offer an array of services that provide opportunities for individuals to reach their full potential.

At Sarah’s Hope, Marisa found both the help she needed and the inner strength to build a brighter future for herself and her son. She found employment, and is now living with her son in a safe, affordable apartment. She emerged, in her own words, “wiser, stronger, and more independent”.


About 4,000 people experience homelessness on a given night in the Baltimore region.

People experience homelessness for a variety of reasons. Periodic homelessness is often caused by loss of employment, sudden illness, domestic violence, or other crises. Longer term homelessness can often result from untreated mental health challenges, disabilities, and addiction.

Our Homelessness and Supportive Housing Services employ cutting-edge, best practice solutions to minimize the incidence and duration of homelessness, with the ultimate goal of ending homelessness in our community. Our services include homelessness prevention and shelter diversion, comprehensive 24/7 shelters, day shelter, rapid rehousing, and permanent supportive housing.