“Everybody is so helpful. Everything that I’ve needed and asked for, they’ve done for me.”

Beyonce’s STORY

A New Start.

Meet Beyonce, Sarah’s Hope clients: Before coming to Sarah’s Hope, Beyonce says her life was a “rollercoaster.” She spent much of her early life in the foster care system. Four years ago, when she was 17 years old, she had her daughter Mikki, which lead her to dropping out of school. Beyonce focused on caring for her daughter, but she was starting to see that their future with Mikki’s father looked untenable.

Beyonce gathered the strength to leave with her daughter, only to face more instability. They bounced around a lot and found temporary refuge with a former foster parent. Beyonce enrolled Mikki at the nearby Fatima Head Start program in September 2023 and absolutely loved it, as did Mikki. “She’s fed. She learns a lot. She is excited about going back each day. It’s great!” she said.

In December, Head Start staff helped Beyonce find placement at our Sarah’s Hope Family Shelter. Sarah’s Hope was the safe haven Beyonce had been looking for—a place where she receives not only a safe place to stay, but also support services to help her and Mikki find permanent, stable housing. “Everything I need is here. We have our own room, our own beds.” Mikki loves her new bed and wakes up excited each day for school. While Mikki is at school, Beyonce’s case manager helps her find GED classes, jobs, and housing opportunities. “Everybody is so helpful. Everything that I’ve needed and asked for, they’ve done for me,” she said.

Beyonce has faced many challenges in her life so far, including losing trust in those she thought were there to support her. Today she strives to show Mikki to always trust in herself and work towards making tomorrow better, and to believe that there are good people who are willing to help. Soon, she wants to finish school and get a good job so the two of them can find their own place. Some place where she can watch Mikki grow and thrive.