I vow to have a different kind of future with my family.

Kailha’s STORY

A brighter future for Kailha and her baby girl.

To meet 21-year-old Kailha, you wouldn’t guess the difficulties she has faced in her young life. Her upbeat personality belies a 7-year struggle with housing insecurity. “My mom kicked me out. I’ve basically been on my own since I was 15.” In the years since, Kailha lost a partner to violence, had a miscarriage, and became a single mother to a beautiful baby girl whom she treasures, but has had trouble providing for.

Her story is not uncommon. There is an increasing trend of homelessness among youth and young adults. Like Kailha, many are forced out of their homes or run away to escape abuse or family conflict. Others find themselves with no place to live when they age out of foster care. Whatever the cause of their homelessness, they are at risk of a whole range of negative experiences, including exploitation and victimization.

Fortunately, Kailha was referred to our Promise Housing program where she found a safe place to live. “I received all kinds of help I never expected,” said Kailha. “They helped me go to driving school, and to obtain my license, Social Security card, and birth certificate. They gave me three months of food and baby supplies, and they even made sure my daughter received Christmas presents.”

Kailha feels her future is bright. She is moving soon into a new home with her fiance and daughter, and she has dreams of going to cosmetology school. “Growing up, I watched my mother struggle, and I vow to have a different kind of future with my family.”