I feel like a human being again. I can actually think about a real future now. I never thought this would be possible. I am just so grateful.

tonya’s STORY

Life-changing Stability.

After a sudden eviction, Tonya moved into a West Baltimore bedroom where she endured bad living conditions for six years. “I didn’t realize I was depressed because of the housing situation. I could only focus on keeping a roof over my head.”

Everything changed for Tonya when she met her Case Manager at Beans & Bread. One month later, Tonya was approved for housing. “I could have never imagined in a million years I would receive help so fast, and without St. Vincent de Paul, I wouldn’t have.” Tonya loves her new home, especially when her children and grandchildren come and visit. She still finds magic in being able to sit on her couch beneath the skylights in her living room.

Tonya is now focused on helping others. Tonya is a survivor, and she wants young people to learn from her struggles. She started a weekly support group for people with chronic conditions. Tonya is HIV positive and teaches other patients how to advocate for themselves. She is also a co-chair on a community board that helps people achieve permanent housing.