A Profile of Success.

Adversity has been a constant for Baltimore native Tierricka Sims. She grew up in a tough neighborhood off North Avenue and dropped out of high school early on. Her first job was at McDonalds, but it didn’t last long. After that she supported herself with a variety of low-wage, dead-end jobs. After an arrest for petty crime, Tierricka’s probation officer referred her to Next Course, our food service training program. She was dubious, but ready to change the path of her life, so she applied for the 12-week certification program.

Each Next Course cohort begins with an intense week of instruction. Sometimes students get overwhelmed and drop out, but this was the challenge that Tierricka had been waiting for. With support from Monique Jordan, our Training Chef, she pushed through and emerged a star student.

At her graduation, Tierricka was offered the opportunity to interview with several large, established employers, but after further counseling with her career development specialist, she decided to first earn her GED – a choice that will pay future dividends.