I can actually think about a real future now. I never thought this would be possible. I am just so grateful.


They filled my plate, and my heart.

Maryland is the wealthiest state in the nation, when measured by per capita income, but not all Marylanders share in the prosperity. Across the state, a staggering 1 in 10 households struggle against hunger. When Shay first walked through our doors, she wasn’t just hungry, she was empty. Not only did she not have enough to eat, she had no one to count on. She was only in her early 20’s but Shay was already world weary. She was starved for basic love and care.

We immediately helped Shay by giving her nutritious food through our Beans & Bread meal program. Once Shay started coming regularly to Beans & Bread for food, we connected her to a Career Navigator, who identified many barriers Shay faced to finding a good job. Working with the Career Navigator, Shay chose to enroll in our Next Course food service job training program, and her transformation truly began.

Through Next Course, Shay learned valuable cooking and food service skills and completed a ServSafe Manager’s certification that allowed her to launch a new career upon graduation from the program. Through our Front Door Rapid Rehousing Program, Shay was connected with permanent housing. She has a steady job, a safe home, and most importantly she has hope.